Reasons You May Like to have a Personal Hashtag, Motto or Slogan

Nothing is better than a good motto when it comes to keeping you focused on your goals.

Life is like a venture. It’s difficult, unpredictable, and might alter in the blink of an eye. You may need to make difficult decisions from time to time. Sometimes you have to choose between what is easy and what is right. You must sometimes pick what is worthwhile of your time and effort, what is not and could be holding you back.

So, how can you live a determined life when there are so many distractions attempting to divert your attention away from your purpose and prevent you from achieving your goals?

Having a personal motto is one way to deal with confusion and challenges that try to overwhelm you. When you’re having trouble making a decision, a personal motto can come in handy. It can assist you in staying focused on vital things. A motto is a statement of belief that can provide you with comfort, hope, and motivation.

Why should you have a personal motto?

A personal motto can be an extremely effective ally. It can be your friend, mentor, or source of support. It can help you to replace negative thoughts with positive emotions.

For example, I approach business and work with my # humble hustle.

I choose this as my motto because it reminds you that you’re never as good as you believe you are. You stop doing the things that brought you there the moment you think you’ve made it. The truth is that it’s not about you, so stay humble and hustle hard. It’s about the individuals who have backed you up and putting your given abilities to good use.

The great thing about this motto is that you are the only one who can determine how well it is being followed. No one can stay humble and hustle hard for you. You must want to do it, and if you are not enthusiastic about doing it, it indicates that you are losing some of your humility or energy.

You create a dangerously good cycle when you live true to the motto, remaining humble and hustling hard. When you work hard, you will eventually see results. These outcomes increase your self-assurance, and you begin to feel at ease.

Then something happens that humbles you, maybe you lose a key client or get a not so good review. When life throws you back down to earth, the trick is to respond appropriately. You will lose your chance to improve if you react by getting mad, upset or compare yourself to other.

How to create your motto?

You can come up with your motto or use the motto of someone you like. Choose your motto carefully because it can have a long-term impact on your profile and branding. To design or adopt a motto, you must first understand your own goals, desires, and flaws.

So, you see, your motto should reflect both your core principles and the values you intend to instill. You can use it in your social media posts, teaching, coaching and mentoring. People who have a clear life motto have a distinct advantage over those without objectives or goals. If you don’t’ already have one, please have a go and see how it affects your life positively.

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