Reignite 2021 Dinner at Glanville Hall

Around 75 leaders across business, entrepreneurship, government and industry were happy to be out and in such great company at the #ReigniteSA 2021 dinner in the beautiful venue that is Glanville Hall.

Appreciate Paul Williams, Employment Facilitator for Adelaide North and Ja Turnbull from MEGT (Australia) Ltd for sponsoring the event alongside Switch Start Scale and Workforce BluePrint.

Claire Boan, Mayor of City of Port Adelaide Enfield shared innovation stories and what the council is working on in the local region plus the history of Glanville Hall.

Kelly, Justin Markos and the team served lovely food and drinks, and shared their story and raw experience from over the past 12 months.

Carolyn Jeffrey from Women in Business Regional Network greeted guests at the door, and Milly Albers and Remco Albers captured many moments in these photos.

Number 1 supporter Scott Perry is always there, together with Jessica Perry, Tyler Ward, Aimee Squire and close friends.

Lots of emails, messages and posts have come through from guests like this one,

“Thank you for the invitation to another wonderful event Wendy. I met some great people and enjoyed myself.”

The good news is we have a lot of people who are resilient, who are making changes, who are taking steps to thrive and help our economy get going again.  Coworking spaces and hubs, grants and facilitators, policy and programs that are aligned, plus business and industry people who are kind and generous.

“Thanks again for a fun night! Some great people I met to follow-up with.”

“Thank you again for inviting me last night, I had a lovely time hearing the stories as well as finding out about my dinner colleagues.”

“What a great bunch of people, and such a lovely, positive feeling in the room.”

The fact is, that for our state South Australia there isn’t just 1 big project, 1 main employer, 1 industry sector or 1 new idea that will get us through… it is by acting as a community, an ecosystem and a network of people, who help you out and have got your back.

Comments from guests at the #ReigniteSA 2021 dinner include:

“Thank you for an amazing night, Wendy. Love your work!”

“Many thanks for a wonderful experience. Very Clever.”

“Thanks for the invite. An informative and enjoyable evening. Met some interesting people and hopefully can add some value.”

From Ja Turnbull, “Tonight MEGT (Australia) Ltd was a co-host of the 2021 Reignite SA dinner at the Glanville Hall with Wendy Perry, Entrepreneurship Facilitator Switch Start Scale and Paul Williams, Local Jobs Program – Adelaide North.

Business Leaders came together from right across the State, sharing positive stories and ideas around economic growth, innovation and entrepreneurship, combined with lots of networking.

A big thank you to Wendy Perry for bringing together another super event and thank you to everyone who came along – let’s keep the conversation going!”

Let’s see where we can take your suggestions to the next level which included:


  1. Recycling, circle economies for businesses (supplier capability development)
  2. Centralising point of reference to share with stakeholders
  3. Building collaboration with councils and multiple communities within the city to promote lifestyles
  4. Bring out humanity and willingness to do purposeful things
  5. SA contracts given to SA businesses
  6. More people are needed! Innovative employment creation models leveraging availability of mature life stage demographics with vulnerable groups
  7. Give a school student an opportunity for work experience/placements in your business


  1. Use Innovation Accounting methodology to more accurately target both government to prime investment in business support to growth programs
  2. Bespoke Learning and Development with stakeholder engagement for business systems and practices
  3. National distribution of local products – coordinated warehouse (dark warehouse) to support local businesses for perishables
  4. Respond to greater support needs, increase community reach and collaboration opportunities
  5. Business decisions through a cultural lens with arts support
  6. Access to research and info including on grants
  7. Spaces and test sites


  1. Measure the size of the South Australian entrepreneurial ecosystem
  2. Set a consistent policy direction for entrepreneurship
  3. Conversations to action and innovation
  4. Focus on foundations/plan
  5. Encourage more investors (early stage) and international investment
  6. Community over competition
  7. Showcasing achievements

Ask yourself, what can you do in the next 24 hours to ignite something cool?  It may be big, or may be small, but whatever it is, it is progress and each 24 hours adds up.  Imagine if each of us did something tomorrow, igniting something in your network with a wider butterfly effect to reignite South Australia.

Search #reignitesa on socials for more posts and photos.

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