How to Attract Employees in Times of Labour and Skills Shortages plus Upscaling the People Aspects of your Business


“Thank you so much for delivering the workshop on Tuesday night. Feedback suggests that it was very valuable info and people who have spoken to me have all said they picked up a few pointers they just hadn’t considered. And having an interactive session meant that other people’s experiences or questions made us all consider our own situation. So thank you.”

Are you looking for new employees?  And perhaps you are regionally based and/or there isn’t enough interest from potential applicants?

Consider what makes you stand out as an employer and work through what you need to do as an employer in relation to:

  1. Salaries and benefits
  2. Hiring process
  3. Online presence
  4. Retention
  5. Talent management
  6. Attraction
  7. Growth and development
  8. Engagement
  9. Social inclusion and diversity

In a practical, interactive and conversational style session with the opportunity to review benefits and benchmarking, work on suggestions and simple ideas including what you can include in your retention strategy to attract top talent, keep valuable employees, reduce turnover, and lower your costs.

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