How to pivot your business positivity (and fall in love with the process)

By Wendy Perry | July 6, 2020

Over the past few months, you’ve probably asked yourself: ‘Is my business going to be okay?’ It’s quite a different business world right now, and while filled with unknowns, it’s also rich with opportunities. Pivoting has become the new buzzword, but for Cassie Day from Carer’s Place, it’s really just a another word for value […]

How to build your network & personal brand on LinkedIn

By Wendy Perry | June 3, 2020

Whether you sell a service or product, work for a company and like to keep your feelers out or you’re job hunting, having a LinkedIn profile is a non-negotiable. If people are searching your name on Google, it’s one of the first listings to come up. From prospects and client to recruiters and employers, a […]

How to take your programs & services online

By Wendy Perry | May 2, 2020

Holding online meetings isn’t an add-on service, it’s absolutely imperative for maintaining your business model. ‘Zooming’ has become an everyday phrase this year and online meetings have become the norm. Moving across to the online space is, now, more critical than ever. If you haven’t already transitioned over, you’re probably going to be surprised by […]

How Do You Set up a Webinar?

By Wendy Perry | April 1, 2020

As more of you take what you know and turn it into online learning or virtual events a common question is… how do you set up a webinar?  Where do you start and what are the steps? Perhaps is seems complicated as there are a number of things that need to come together including participants […]

Australia House

How to Enjoy SXSW 2020

By Wendy Perry | February 29, 2020

On many people’s wish list of experiences is going to SXSW in Austin, Texas, USA. If you haven’t been before it can seem really overwhelming, confusing to know how to get the most out of it, and how do you balance learning with networking and hustling. When you do some pre-planning of activities and sessions, […]

SXSW 2020 in Austin and APAIE 2020 in Vancouver

By Wendy Perry | July 20, 2019

Experience the unimaginable and get a glimpse into the future Being the best educator or entrepreneur you can be you must keep up to date with the latest trends. And it is fine to keep up based on research, news and second hand information but it is nothing like seeing it to truly believe the […]


By Wendy Perry | March 26, 2019

Twenty members of a delegation of Australia Awards Short Course recipients from Bhutan will visit Australia including Brisbane and Adelaide over 6 – 18 May 2019 and you’ll have the opportunity to meet and network with group members. Representatives include the Royal Government of Bhutan – Ministry of Labour and Human Resources, Royal University of […]

Entrepreneurship Facilitator, Adelaide – West

By Wendy Perry | January 2, 2019

Very pleased to announce that from January 2019 I’m one of the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurship Facilitators working across Australia in Adelaide – West focused on promoting self-employment to mature age Australians, as well as people of all ages. I’m looking forward to talking to people who might be thinking about whether small business is for […]

Indonesia’s Hot Entrepreneurial City – Yogyakarta and Sofro Coworking Opening

By Wendy Perry | August 13, 2018

Never having visited Yogyakarta before but having heard a lot about this special region it was an experience to look forward seeing inside what is becoming known as Indonesia’s Hot Entrepreneurial City. The first stop with Indonesian entrepreneurial colleagues as part of the Australia Awards Indonesia post-course program was Aino Indonesia which is a spin […]

Professional Development Days on 21st Century Skills and Future Work

By Wendy Perry | July 30, 2018

FMPLLEN Professional Development Day Thank you very much for your presentations at our PD Day last week. We have received some fantastic feedback – great keynote!\ Around 70 people attended the combined Professional Day for Frankston Mornington Peninsula LLEN on Friday 27 July 2018 at Hastings where Workforce BluePrint presented a key note and workshop on 21st Century […]

International Business Readiness for startups and scaleups

By Wendy Perry | June 29, 2018

Over 30 April – 11 May 2018, 25 Indonesian entrepreneurs, government representatives and Venture Capital Association representatives were immersed in local entrepreneurial ecosystems in Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane.  Imagine if you had the opportunity to meet startups that had raised significant capital, investors, Mayors, business, industry and ecosystem leaders, with networking events and meetings that […]

Speaker Requests and Upcoming Conferences

By Wendy Perry | May 31, 2018

Numerous speaker requests have been coming in particularly on 21st Century Capabilities and The Future of Jobs, Skills and Work; The Future of Training and Learning; What makes a VET System World-Class and World-Leading; and 4th Industrial Revolution, Workforce 4.0 and the Relevance of Tertiary Education. This can be in the format of a key […]

The 4th Industrial Revolution: The Relevance of Entrepreneurship Education

By Wendy Perry | April 23, 2018

Background UNESCO Bangkok and The Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education & Training (KRIVET) are conducting a study on the 4 th Industrial Revolution and TVET: The Relevance of Entrepreneurship Education to contribute to the development of vocational education and training systems in the Asia-Pacific region, with a special focus on Entrepreneurship Education. The specific […]

What to do one month before your arrive in Australia on a business mission or delegation

By Wendy Perry | March 28, 2018

Hosting many delegations from various countries in Australia, there is a real difference to the outcomes achieved based on the preparation and ‘reaching out’, that people do before they get here. There is a window of time, around a month prior to travelling, where you can lay the ground work, connect with potential partners or […]

International Business Readiness – Technology enabled start-ups in agriculture, health, financial, education and business services from Indonesia

By Wendy Perry | February 18, 2018

Twenty six tech startups from Indonesia will be in Australia with a focus on scaling up globally.  The startups are across AgTech, EdTech, FinTech, Health/Bio/MedTech, Business/Professional Services including those who are social enterprises.  They are seeking connections, introductions and potential partnerships with complimentary Australian startups and businesses as well as learning about the broader entrepreneurial […]

Extraordinary work across all corners of the globe

By Wendy Perry | January 17, 2018

Absolute inspiration, incredible and goose bump inducing – it’s never too early and never too late – extraordinary work, across all corners of the globe. I got so much out of our chat, with David and Troy from The InShow podcast, as it was mind opening, highlighted the importance of networking, having people around […]

Developing Northern Australia – workforce multiplier

By Wendy Perry | September 9, 2017

Australia’s far north attracts more than 22 million domestic and international overnight visitors each year. The tourism industry contributes $1.2 billion directly into the Queensland economy – 3.7% of the state’s gross state product (GSP) and $11.6 billion to the state’s economy (7.5%). In a strategy to help regional economies fully leverage their unique strengths, […]

Female founders taking their businesses global

By Wendy Perry | August 21, 2017

From women launching start-ups, to those expanding established businesses, South Australia’s female founders are increasingly taking their businesses interstate and globally. New initiatives, programs and resources are making this possible, however there are two main gaps – investment and a scaling up program that suits. Even though there are many successful start-up stories, the topic […]

Start or grow your business in Gippsland & La Trobe Valley

By Wendy Perry | July 20, 2017

Victoria’s Gippsland is a region with a strong focus on food production, clean energy, health services, education and tourism. It produces one third of the state’s dairy production and 85% of its electricity (42% of Australia’s LPG). The town has a population of 270,000 people and the Government is working towards harnessing the region’s diversity […]

Startups tighten economic ties between Indonesia & Australia

By Wendy Perry | June 19, 2017

Taking Business to the next level – A Course for technology enabled start-up leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators #techscaleupID awardees had a front row seat to inspiring entrepreneurs, innovators and business partners across Australia. The following examples are from #techscaleupid group in 2016.  There’s David Grice, the Managing Director of Musictec – a company dedicated to […]

#techscaleupID visits Queensland and Myriad Festival

By Wendy Perry | May 18, 2017

The Queensland Government is investing resources into programs, events, and opportunities to help more people start businesses – not just for Australians but also for encouraging people to move to the island continent. #techscaleupid adds to the already-dynamic start-up community in Indonesia supported by Australia Awards.  Around 350 Short Term Awards will run each year, […]

Adelaide, South Australia – Top Choice for Global Entrepreneurial Delegations

By Wendy Perry | April 17, 2017

Adelaide and South Australia has become the number one choice for international delegations of entrepreneurs and government representatives but why? Whether it is agribusiness, app development, aquaculture, clothing, counselling, creative economy, digital agencies, edutech, food, gaming, handicrafts, health, innovation labs, jewellery, jobs, online market places, SaaS, tourism, trade, wine and youth exchanges there is so […]

Managing your Airbnb guests expectations – it’s the little things that count

By Wendy Perry | April 16, 2016

Having rented many houses and stayed in a couple of Airbnb places I know that it’s the little things that count. For example, when travelling to Wellington in New Zealand our Airbnb hosts allowed us to come straight off an overnight plane, drop our bags around 8.00 am and have a quick shower before a […]

Future UK holiday and catch up on those place we missed!

By Wendy Perry | October 15, 2015

This blog post is different.  It’s not about a holiday or an experience I’ve had, it’s an outline of a future holiday that I’m working towards. When the Perry family travelled overseas in 2012 we had around 3 weeks and loads to fit in.  With this future holiday I’d like to catch up on those […]

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