How Can Australia’s VET System Be Simplified and Streamlined?

By Wendy Perry | September 16, 2022

Australia’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) system is indeed complex and complicated, with a multitude of providers, qualifications, and funding arrangements. However, there are several ways to simplify and streamline the VET system: Reduce the number of qualifications: The current VET system has numerous qualifications, which can be confusing for both students and employers.  Streamlining […]

Staying Grounded and Bangladesh Delegation

By Wendy Perry | August 3, 2022

Good morning Writing this email whilst on a plane travelling to somewhere a bit warmer than Adelaide. Reflecting on the past month we realised that, even while having a break, the experience Scott and I had this morning had some similarities to our working life. With much to get done, up late packing and completing […]

What and Who Are “Big Deals” in VET

By Wendy Perry | July 12, 2022

Catching you up on news in Australia with who you might need to connect to as from 1 July 2022 the Department of Education, Skills and Employment changed to The Department of Education, and the new Department of Employment and Workplace Relations has been created. Ministers include: The Hon Tony Burke MP, Minister for Employment […]

State Budget 2022-23 – Government of South Australia – Digging into the Detail

By Wendy Perry | June 18, 2022

Reading through 1000+ pages of budget papers take some time to digest what the measures are aiming to achieve. When you look at Ministerial responsibilities it is interesting to see the programs that people are responsible for, what they are called, and where there is some crossover.  More to come on this topic with changes […]

Questions for South Australian University Merger and TAFESA

By Wendy Perry | May 1, 2022

This article was first published by Campus Morning Mail on 27.4.22 as, ‘A future fit for SA post-school education: engage with TAFE With work, TAFE could connect with Flinders U’ Many times before a university merger has been muted in South Australia.  And the top 3 questions that come up in conversation are: Who will […]

South Australian Collaboration, Innovation and Tech Festival in Spring and SXSW 2023

By Wendy Perry | April 3, 2022

Adelaide, South Australia has amazing festivals and events like Adelaide Fringe, Adelaide Festival, Adelaide Writers Week, _SOUTHSTART, Screenmakers Conference, South Australian Living Arts Festival (SALA), industry conferences and expos, and there is so much to build upon for a South Australian Collaboration, Innovation and Tech Festival in Spring. An opportunity to work with sister city […]

Australian Government Budget 2022 – 23 Focussing on Labour and Skills Shortages

By Wendy Perry | March 30, 2022

Last night you may (or may not) have watched the federal budget announcements with a focus on unemployment rates currently being at 4%, with an aim to lower it to around 3.75% which will heighten labour and skills shortages across the country. The first section of this blog outlines the headline announcements and read on […]

Dear South Australian Premier and Ministers – Post South Australian 2022 Election

By Wendy Perry | March 12, 2022

Dear South Australian Premier and Ministers, who have responsibility for economic development, education (schools, VET, Higher Education), employment and entrepreneurship, small business, startups and scaleups, trade and investment, post the SA election, Following on from the South Australian (SA) State election on 19 March 2022 and whomever wins, you’ll know that the business community appreciates […]

What will Unemployment Rates With a 3 in Front of it do for Labour and Skills Shortages in Australia?

By Wendy Perry | February 28, 2022

Unemployment was at 4.2 per cent nationally and The Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison stated, “I believe we can now achieve an unemployment rate with a 3 in front of it this year.  Our goal is to achieve this in the second half of 2022. We have not seen this in Australia for almost […]

Now and Next Workforce Innovation Fund to Address Short and Long-Term Workforce Supply

By Wendy Perry | January 25, 2022

With 27+ years’ experience in this field, based in Australia as well as working with 30-40 countries internationally, you don’t have to ask twice to have a fund designed that builds upon excellent aspects of initiatives from the past, is fit for purpose, and considers not only workforce issues now but for the next future […]

Australian Experts, Founders and Scale Ups Connecting with Bhutanese Entrepreneurs

By Wendy Perry | December 31, 2021

Scaling up, especially globally requires a strategic plan, development of your people, cash and resources, as well as on point execution with inspiration, to go from bootstrapping to your business booming. Rich insight and knowledge is being shared each week, in the Australia Awards Short Course on Business Acceleration for Entrepreneurs (Bhutan) between Bhutanese Entrepreneurs, […]

Business Acceleration for Entrepreneurs Scaling Up From Bhutan

By Wendy Perry | November 26, 2021

Monday saw the beginning of a hybrid program being delivered from Australia and in Bhutan, with 18 participants who are entrepreneurs and leaders focussing on scaling up their businesses, from the tiny country tucked deep in the Himalayas and sandwiched between two of the largest and oldest civilisations in the world (India and China). Gross […]

Funding and Grants Available for Businesses, Programs and Startups

By Wendy Perry | October 31, 2021

Every now and again it is worth checking into what funding and grants might be available to you – there is no magic bucket of funds and these opportunities are a bonus so here is what on offer at this time. Australia – National Accelerating Commercialisation Australia Clean Energy and CleanTech Accelerator Program Australian Apprenticeships […]

Reignite 2021 Dinner at Glanville Hall

By Wendy Perry | September 24, 2021

Around 75 leaders across business, entrepreneurship, government and industry were happy to be out and in such great company at the #ReigniteSA 2021 dinner in the beautiful venue that is Glanville Hall. Appreciate Paul Williams, Employment Facilitator for Adelaide North and Ja Turnbull from MEGT (Australia) Ltd for sponsoring the event alongside Switch Start Scale […]

Reasons You May Like to have a Personal Hashtag, Motto or Slogan

By Wendy Perry | August 29, 2021

Nothing is better than a good motto when it comes to keeping you focused on your goals. Life is like a venture. It’s difficult, unpredictable, and might alter in the blink of an eye. You may need to make difficult decisions from time to time. Sometimes you have to choose between what is easy and […]

Lockdown Learning, Life Hacks and LOLs

By Wendy Perry | July 21, 2021

A 7 day lockdown came into effect last night at 6.00 pm ACST in South Australia, and over the next few days you might be looking for stuff to do, things to learn, ways to support your business and other businesses. Time to catch up, listen to those webinar recordings, create something new and try […]

Must Do Rules When Writing Better for Business

By Wendy Perry | July 10, 2021

Being about to communicate well, making a connection with your readers and getting your message across is a fundamental skill for anyone in business.  And it could be that you have a perception about your writing ability – how formal you should be, what to write about and for some of you, it might even […]

Grand Opening of The Innovation Factory

By Wendy Perry | June 17, 2021

Last night was the official opening of The Innovation Factory with many friends, clients and supporters in the audience.  It was great that we were able to come together to celebrate a new vibrant community of established businesses, startups, investors, and professionals here in the city. In the audience was the Deputy Lord Mayor for […]

Who are the leading Ed-tech companies in the Asia Pacific and what do they do?

By Wendy Perry | May 15, 2021

Due to the pandemic education tech companies have shown impressive growth and have emerged as some of the best sector firms to invest in. Numerous lockdowns have compelled most of the schools and other educators to implement online learning lessons. Modern ed-tech startups utilise digital media and cutting-edge technologies to deliver the learners well-structured lessons […]

Business and Startup Meetups in Adelaide

By Wendy Perry | April 14, 2021

A frequent question is where are the best meetups in Adelaide with a business and startup focus? The question back to you is, where do your customers and prospects hang out, as it is important to balance the focus on your target market versus general networking.  And some groups are more about personal and professional […]

Answers to your Questions about LinkedIn Blog

By Wendy Perry | March 13, 2021

There are common questions that come up frequently about posting on LinkedIn and managing your profile. What is the ideal size of a post?  Number of words? It varies and you can check out people’s activity to see examples and the reactions they receive. The size of the post really depends upon the topic, and […]

Running COVID-safe Live Events with Lessons from Australia

By Wendy Perry | February 27, 2021

Often you don’t miss something until it is gone, and this could be said about live conferences and concerts, events and festivals, networking and theatre. Around the world, countries, cities and regions have dealt with the impact of COVID-19 in different ways and where there are short or long term shutdowns, then some industry sectors, […]

Clubhouse – What is all the Fuss About?

By Wendy Perry | January 15, 2021

Have you seen people posting about Clubhouse and asked what is it all about? Maybe you’ve got an invite, or you might still be waiting (FOMO can be extreme!), so what is the fuss about, how do you get on and make the most of this new platform? Bear in mind that I only joined […]

Apart from Good Riddance What Else “Can” You Make From 2020?

By Wendy Perry | December 31, 2020

It is the afternoon of New Year’s Eve 2020 and there are people posting on social media messages of “Good Riddance”, alongside hope and best wishes for 2021. This year has been full on, with many of us counting our blessings even though you may have been discouraged or things have been so hard. Others […]

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