Staying Grounded and Bangladesh Delegation

Good morning

Writing this email whilst on a plane travelling to somewhere a bit warmer than Adelaide. Reflecting on the past month we realised that, even while having a break, the experience Scott and I had this morning had some similarities to our working life.

With much to get done, up late packing and completing work tasks plus making arrangements, an early morning start getting to the airport there were long snaking lines to get through security. Made it to the plane with enough time, sat down for a few minutes and then the captain announced that we needed to deboard due to an engineering issue.

New gate was just next door but a plane had to come down with a wait before boarding again and this time taking off to the North. After a few minutes there were strong bumps and turbulence, which I don’t mind too much, but a several passengers weren’t well at all.

And now, after you get through the turbulence the ride is relatively smooth, the view is bright with blue sky plus fluffy white clouds and the coastline below. Sometimes things can be turbulent with much on your shoulders, the to do list never ends and if you want to smooth out your ride, perhaps it is time to delegate, outsource and reach out for support from colleagues and mentors, family and friends.

When you do get on top of things, your head becomes clearer, you can see the bigger picture, you have time and space to focus on the things that you enjoy and life gets a little smoother.

Hoping that August sees you get stuff done, building upon your connections and relationships, that you pull off something cool, and that working with your customers and clients provides new insight and ideas.

Bangladesh Delegation

In the week of 29.8.22 I’m hosting a high level VET/TVET delegation from Bangladesh in Canberra including people from their Prime Minister’s office.

The group will also be in Brisbane from 2.9.22 – 9.9.22 and we are looking at potential networking/meetup events in both cities. With a population of close to 165 million the VET/TVET sector is growing and there are many opportunities to collaborate.

If you’d like to be involved then please let me know via email and you can read more about the group here – Strengthening Leadership and Management In TVET (VET) for Bangladesh.

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