Australian Experts, Founders and Scale Ups Connecting with Bhutanese Entrepreneurs

Scaling up, especially globally requires a strategic plan, development of your people, cash and resources, as well as on point execution with inspiration, to go from bootstrapping to your business booming.

Rich insight and knowledge is being shared each week, in the Australia Awards Short Course on Business Acceleration for Entrepreneurs (Bhutan) between Bhutanese Entrepreneurs, experts, founders and scale ups.

And you might be interested to understand more about this program and who is involved.

Nelson Salangsang, Director, International Projects Unit, Queensland University of Technology and I are facilitating the program which includes online sessions, practical application, mentoring conversations, networking and some face to face sessions in Bhutan.

With various topics over each week, it has been wonderful to see so many friends involved such as:

A theme of inspiring stories will see a number of sessions on a range of topics covering:

  • How to develop an authentic and real business by representing your clients how they really are, plus branding and marketing tips with Milly and Remco from MILCO Design
  • How to grow your business by providing authentic experiences with Mark Koolmatrie from Kool tours
  • How to support your team and yourself as well as clients with Cassie Day from The Carers Place
  • How to grow your business by providing services/outcomes customers want with Lauren Byleveld from Studio Veld
  • How to grow a sustainable food based production and delivery business to the next level, plus tips on farming with Vanessa and Jason from Organicbox
  • How to grow your product based business, branding, packaging and getting into supermarkets with Wendy Hardy from Spice Girlz

One on one pitching and public speaking sessions are being run by Scott Perry from ACE Speaking and Pitching with comments such as,

“Words can’t express how thankful we are for the time and inputs Scott has provided us with, and forever grateful to Wendy for making it happen. Really learnt a lot in an hour session. Another accomplishment for me infact 🤗😉

“I had a wonderful session with Scott. It was really insightful and awakening session for me.”

If you’d like to get in touch with some of the entrepreneurs or others involved, please email, thank you.

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