With over 22 years of speaking and presenting experience, pick and choose the topicsworkshops and webinars or blog posts that you are interested in, to build a transformational conference program and get the bonus of multi-function speaker that is also a great MC. Read these testimonials outlining a track record of success and a high level of generosity in sharing what we know.

The main speaking topics that we address through Workforce BluePrint include:

  • Addressing Youth Unemployment and Disengagement with Entrepreneurship and Inspiration
  •  Best of Skills and Workforce Development in Australia
  • Develop a Workforce Plan in 5 Easy Steps
  • Digital Productivity for Small Business
  • Economic Development achieved through Workforce Development
  • Engage Effectively with Employers and Industry
  • How to Develop Powerful Partnerships
  • How to Fast-Track Training Needs Analysis
  • How do you Really Know that you are Successful with your International Clients?
  • Improving Business Productivity through School Based Apprenticeships
  • Maximising Industry Workforce Productivity through Planning
  • Regional Workforce Planning and Development Strategies
  • RTO & Employer Partnerships for Workforce Development
  • School Based Apprenticeships – who benefits more?  The apprentice or employer?
  • Successful Partnerships for Employment, Growth and Workforce Development
  • Transforming your Future: flip risks into opportunities and build new capabilities for future growth
  • The Art of Engaging Employers and Enterprises in Workforce Planning and Development
  • Workforce Planning in Practice
  • Working Collaboratively and Thinking Outside the Box


With a focus on TVET and Vocational Education and Training (VET) speaking topics include:

  • Applying for grants
  • Establishing an effective traineeship/apprenticeship model
  • How to set up a partnership agreement
  • The Future of VET and RTOs – diversify, niche, collaborate or die!
  • The State of VET Reform in Australia – lessons to be learned
  • VET game changers – what every VET Practitioner, Leader and Manager should know
  • VET Reform – What’s happening now and what’s likely into the future?
  • Working Models of Industry Partnerships: beyond government funding

For Technical Vocational Education and Training for international clients and conferences topics please view TVET International.

Want more choice then consider these professional development topics or the current industry issues outlined in the VET blog.