Wendy’s bookings are managed by her office so to determine availability and to make a booking please email wendy@wendyperry.com.au.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Wendy’s fees and travel expenses will vary depending on location and whether she is presenting a key note, MCing or facilitating a workshop.  Generally all of this information is covered in a proposal including any travel and accommodation expenses.

Wendy will discuss your objectives with you including the audience and topic, AV requirements and practical things like venue, timing and travel.  A bio and photo are available for publication on your website and in your promotional materials as well as links to social media channels.

If you would like to periscope or record the session then please let the office know and generally Wendy’s presentation can be shared after the event.  Most of the time Wendy prefers a lapel mike and remote clicker if she is using a slide deck.

Travel and Accommodation

Usually Wendy flies out of Adelaide but this depends on her schedule and  commitments leading up to your event.  You as the client can make the bookings based upon Wendy’s preferred flights and where Wendy may already be in your location or have another booking then often the costs can be split.

Wendy prefers to fly in the night before an event and so the client covers accommodation with meals with Ubers, taxi’s and/or car hire and petrol to be reimbursed by the client.


An invoice will be sent to you including any reimbursements for payment within 7 days after the event unless you request it earlier.  Thank you.